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The journey into prop trading is fascinating. It’s a world where success lies in understanding market nuances, anticipating trends, and executing trades at the perfect time. But as the number of accounts you handle increases, the complexity of the task can become daunting. This is where technological tools like trade copiers come into play.

The Million-Dollar Journey

As a seasoned trader, I’ve been fortunate enough to be funded with one million dollars across various prop firms. Additionally, I’ve taken on challenges with a 1.2 million dollar portfolio. The platforms I currently utilize include My Forex Funds, Smart Prop Trader, The Funded Trader, Blue Guardian, and True Forex Funds.

Despite this diverse portfolio, a common question I’ve encountered from the community is: How do I manage multiple prop trading accounts simultaneously?

The Trade Copier Solution

The solution is a trade copier. This powerful tool is the secret to scaling your trades faster and more efficiently.

To explain, a trade copier operates using a master-slave system. The ‘master account’ is where all your primary trade executions happen. Meanwhile, the ‘slave accounts’ are attached to this master account. When you execute a trade on the master account, the trade is instantly replicated across all the slave accounts. This mechanism eliminates the need to execute trades on multiple devices or platforms, ensuring your trades are timely and that you don’t suffer from decision fatigue.

The brilliance of a trade copier is its scalability. Whether you have two slave accounts or a hundred, the trade copier can manage them all with the same efficiency.

Setting Up the Trade Copier

To offer a practical understanding, I’ll guide you through setting up a trade copier using the popular ‘Social Trader Tools’ software.

  1. Access the Account Dashboard: Here, you can view all your accounts. Currently, I manage ten accounts split across various prop firms.
  2. Add Your Accounts: Click on ‘Configurator’ and select ‘Accounts’. You can then add or remove accounts as needed. It’s a straightforward process of inputting account details like MT4/MT5 selection, account name, number, password, and associated broker.
  3. Set Up the Copier: Once your accounts are added, navigate to the ‘Trade Copier’ under ‘Configurator’. Here, you can designate which accounts act as master and which ones as slaves. The software provides risk types to ensure the trade sizes are appropriate for each account.
  4. Risk Settings: This is where you can define how trades from the master account are scaled to the slave accounts. I personally use the ‘Risk Multiplier by Balance’. It’s a flexible tool that allows you to determine the lot size relative to the balance of each account. If you want to dive deeper into risk settings, you can also set parameters like maximum lot sizes to ensure you never overexpose an account.

Leverage Our Expertise

While managing multiple accounts might seem complicated, tools like trade copiers make the task considerably simpler. But if you’re still feeling overwhelmed with managing multiple accounts, that’s where we come in. At, we offer a unique proposition. Let us pass your trading challenge for you, for free. With our expertise, you can focus on trading while we ensure you scale seamlessly across multiple accounts.

In conclusion, the world of prop trading is replete with challenges but also abounds with opportunities. By leveraging the right tools and partnerships, you can unlock unprecedented growth. Remember, trading is not just about predicting the markets; it’s also about efficient execution. And in that realm, a trade copier is your best friend. If you have more questions or need clarifications, drop them in the comments below. Happy trading!