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To take advantage of our free passing service, you need to order a Equity Edge challenge package from the prop firm using our link below,

Note: We only offer free passing services for account sizes of $100k or higher. We cannot offer to do it for free for anything lower than $100k. If you have an account size smaller than $100k, we can complete and pass the challenge for $199.

💡 Frequently Asked Questions💡

What is the “Free Passing Service”?

Our Equity Edge Free Guaranteed Pass Service is a unique offering where we take on the EE challenge on your behalf. This means our experienced trading team will work diligently to pass the challenge, securing you a funded account.

How can I use the Free Passing Service?

To take advantage of our service, you need to order a Equity Edge package using our provided link. Once you have completed this step, we will begin working on your challenge. Please note, due to high demand, this service is limited to 5 new users each month.

Why do you offer this service for free?

We believe in democratizing the forex market. By offering this service for free, we aim to make prop firm challenges more accessible to traders. We receive a commission when you purchase through the links which is how we make our upfront free service available. Once we pass your account and get a funded live account, we manage this account and receive a profit split. This arrangement allows us to offer the initial passing service at no cost to you.

*You don’t have to have us manage your account and you can continue trading the live account yourself if you prefer*

Why are there only 5 spots available?

The limitation is due to the high demand for this service and our commitment to providing personalized and quality service to each of our clients. We want to ensure that we can dedicate enough time and resources to each challenge to maximize the chance of success.

What happens after my challenge is passed?

After successfully passing the challenge, we will manage your funded live account. With our expertise and proven strategies, we aim to maximize profitability and ensure a consistent performance. The profits made are split between us and the trader, aligning our interests with yours.

Can I lose money in this process?

Forex trading carries inherent risks, and losses can occur. However, our seasoned traders utilize proven strategies to mitigate risk and aim for consistent profits. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose and seek independent advice if necessary.

Remember, the road to becoming a funded trader is challenging, but it’s not impossible. With 5 Percent Pass by your side, the odds are in your favor. Trust in our expertise, and together, let’s conquer the trading world!